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High quality replica furniture | Designer chairs and more

Shop at MDM Furniture for designer replica furniture from the world's most acclaimed designers. Purchase Philippe Starck, Charles Eames and other iconic designs.

Chairs are so much more than somewhere to sit. They are also prompts for conversation, emblems of style and embodiments of the desires and concerns of their designers and those who sit on them - and if you are in the market for the very finest chairs based on the 20th century's most iconic designs, there is no better place to shop than MDM Furniture.

The chair may seem to be a very simple, utilitarian item, but even the most basic issues of practicality have inspired an incredibly wide range of shapes, sizes and forms down the years, as history's greatest minds have grappled with the task of creating the most comfortable, eye-catching and long-lasting chairs for all manner of contexts.


Shop for your designer chairs and bar stools at MDM Furniture, and not only will you be able to select from the offerings of some of the most legendary designers - you will also be able to peruse a complete range of our own high quality MDM-branded items.